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Brazil is a leader in entrepreneurship1, with an estimated one in eight adults being "entrepreneurs." Much of the business that occurs in Brazil is done by single businesspeople either selling their homemade goods or providing their services. Foreign entrepreneurship is a bit of a rarity in Brazil. It is simple for a local businessperson to open a business by, in most cases, circumventing the typical red tape2 associated with starting a business. The regulatory boards are so poorly managed and so open to bribes3 that local entrepreneurs can easily sneak by without following proper procedure. For foreign businesspeople it is much more difficult. Foreigners draw attention to themselves (by merely being foreigners) and therefore fall prey to greater scrutiny. It is imperative for the foreign businessperson to hire a good “despachante” or broker to handle interactions with government officials.

(http://www.internationalentrepreneurship.com/americas/brazil Acesso em: 16.02.2012. Adaptado)

  • (1) entrepreneurship: empreendedorismo
  • (2) red tape: burocracia
  • (3) bribes: subornos

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