• #1 1 pt(s)

    If you're hungry there ______ pizza in the fridge.

  • #2 1 pt(s)

    A:Do you want to go to the movies with me and watch a movie? B:Yeah!That sounds awesome!!!Wich movie do you want to watch? A: It doesm't matter for me!I can watch ___ moie. B: I read there are ____ good comedy movies.

  • #3 1 pt(s)

    Do you have ____ brothers or sisters?

  • #4 1 pt(s)

    You need to buy ___ new shoes. Those are falling apart!

  • #5 1 pt(s)

    Would you like ____ cheese?

  • #6 1 pt(s)

    I am afraid I have ____ bad news for you.

  • #7 1 pt(s)

    Analyse the following sentences. I) Are you going to the supermarket? -No, I don't need any food today. II) Do you have some good DVD I could borrow? III) Sorry, you can't have a milkshake. There isn't more milk. The correct sentence(s) is(are):

  • #8 1 pt(s)

    We use SOME in:

  • #9 1 pt(s)

    We use ANY in:

  • #10 1 pt(s)

    Are there ____ letters for me?

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